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Refinance Leads

A sale lead, or for that matter a refinance lead, means a new potential customer who is located by devising sales promotion strategies. He is a kind of new find. Finding leads is a first step of a sales process. A refinance lead is a harbinger of a potential business opportunity.

A refinance lead may be an individual client, a family, group or a corporation. Refinance leads are found through lead generation campaigns such as trade shows, tele-marketing, online marketing, advertising through various media, cold calling, email spamming, and so on. A refinance lead may later on be converted into a quality remortgage client through additional business operations.
Refinance leads are also generated through extensive advertisements. Advertisement may take the form of publicity, public relations activities, personal selling, sponsorship, sales promotion through a varied media such as TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, Internet, banners, cinema, stickers and so on.

Trade shows and exhibitions can be organized to explain the benefits of mortgage refinance with question-answer sessions about various refinance products and services and their different features. Members of the press and other media may be invited. Special rates and discounts may be offered to those opting for refinance loans at the spot.

Publicity is about drawing media attention towards the products of an organization. It is also a kind of advertisement with more emphasis on disseminating the information about the aims and objectives of mortgage refinance and how it can help repair and rebuild the broken business structure. There is no direct effort to persuade the audiences to opt for refinance. They are enlightened and motivated to the extent of voluntarily making enquiries about the possibilities and prospects of refinancing. Successful publicity experts cash in upon the news and topics of interest regarding refinance and how it helps in high financial gains. Discussions, talks and speeches are arranged to analyze and predict the role of refinance in improving the life of the people trapped in bad debts. The organizers take up a stand on the controversial issues of refinance and convince the participants of their benefits. Those who have benefited from the refinance are invited to share their experiences to convince the skeptics among the general public. Product literature is freely distributed. Those visitors who evince interest in refinance deals are made to fill up forms for providing their contact information for further follow up.

Internet has opened up huge possibilities for generating the refinance leads. Websites are developed with articles and resources for enlightening the visitors about various refinance plans and rates. There are squeeze pages and pop-ups offering free e-books and literature containing detailed information about refinance schemes. These web pages are used to collect the names and email addresses of the visitors for sending them more information and thus motivating them to opt for refinance of their mortgages. Some finance companies even resort to spamming, which though a widely reviled practice, does have its role in reaching out to those who do not know anything about refinance. Multilevel marketing is also a potential tool to generate leads. Every person who creates a lead is rewarded with cash or discounts.

If all this appears too much of a trouble, there is an easier way out by purchasing leads from the sales promotion and lead generation companies. Purchasing leads is a cost and labor effective source for promoting the business. These companies employ tele marketers to contact the general public offering mortgage refinance while detailing its benefits. Besides the cold telemarketing these companies get the postal addresses of the people and write them letters. Those who show interest are personally contacted at their offices and homes. Their telephone numbers, postal addresses and their financial needs are recorded into a database only if they evince keen interest in refinance possibilities. Care is also taken to generate the leads in the area specified by the lender.  These companies charge only for the leads they supply. There are no joining or exit fees.