Mortgage Companies

The greatest mortgage companies are the banks who are the main source of all mortgage lending products in Australia. Some of the big names in banks offering mortgages are:

ANZ Banking Group
This is the most popular mortgage lending bank in Australia.

Austral Credit Union
This is a mutual organization that provides a wide range of home lending products to borrowers all over the country.

The company provides mortgage finance to those borrowers who cannot comply with the criteria of the traditional lenders.

Some of these institutions have had the distinction of winning ‘five-star’ from the Cannex rating service and also from ‘Your Mortgage’ magazine, for their loan services.

Besides these there are many other reputed banks and financial institutions providing mortgages. Some of these are:

  • GE Mortgage Solutions,
  • Heritage Building Society,
  • ING Bank,
  • Liberty Financial,
  • Macquarie Mortgages,
  • Pepper Home Loans,
  • St George Bank,
  • Suburban Management,
  • Suncorp,
  • BankWest, a subsidiary of Halifax Building Society,

to name only a few.

The problem with these banks and financial institutions is that they do not offer a wide range of products. At times, their policies too are rigid. This makes it difficult for the common man to obtain these loans.

Mortgage services have, therefore, been taken over by the companies of mortgage brokers who match the needs of the borrowers with the plans and products of the finance providers. Mortgage brokers are doing around 35% of the mortgage business in Australia. The biggest assets of mortgage brokers are their liaison with scores of lenders with hundreds of mortgage products. They have software with which they can provide you with the best plans in a matter of minutes, thus saving a lot time and effort of their customers.

Then there are the mortgage managers who borrow funds from the wholesale lenders, give them their own brand names and lend them to the individual borrowers at increased interest rates. Some of the reputed mortgage companies in this category are Aussie Home Loans, RAMs. Wizard.

There are Non-Conforming mortgage companies who help out the lost cases of borrowers rejected by the traditional mortgage lenders. Their clients include the low doc and no doc borrowers with poor credit, ex-bankrupts, seasonal workers, self employed with no financial records and so on. Some of the reputed mortgage companies in this category include Pepper Home Loans, Bluestone and Liberty Financial.