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Consolidate Loans

If you are unfortunate enough to have been trapped into getting ‘interest free finance’, credit cards, store cards, unsecured personal loans, car finance and so on, have run into multiple debts and are being pulled apart and harassed from all the four sides, do not despair. The best way to cope with your debt situation is to consolidate your loans into one personal loan at a lower rate of interest. Unsecured loans are smaller, and because they are unsecured, they attract heavier rates of interests, which keep adding up and become a heavy drag on your debt clearance

As against them, the consolidation loans are usually secured and bigger as well. Since they are normally given against home mortgages etc, they naturally involve much lesser rates of interest. While this single loan may be much larger, there is a sound reason to go for it. Since you are opting for a larger loan, you can negotiate for a lower rate of interest. The lending companies too are happy since they have to deal with one borrower with a bigger loan than many borrowers getting smaller loans. With reduced rates of monthly interest and payments spread over a longer period, you can reduce your monthly payment bills. The benefit of reduced monthly bills is that you can reduce your debts by making extra payment every month or you can pay in cash for much needed items which you would other wise have purchased on credit at higher rates of interest.

It is advisable to contact some reputed lending company rather than a bank to consolidate your loans. The reason being that each bank has its own loan consolidation plan and that may not suit your individual needs. The other way is to contact a large number of banks to know their various plans. This may confuse you and you may also feel harassed as you are already dealing with the demands of your creditors. The loan consolidation finance company, on the other hand, has liaison with many banks and lending institutions and they have experts who understand the individual needs of the loan seekers. They can, therefore, offer flexible solutions. Moreover, they can also deal with your creditors on your behalf and can cajole them into accepting terms favorable to you. One great advantage of consolidating loans is that you have only one creditor to deal with and get the other whole lot off your back.